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Bal Tashchis – cutting down trees

Berachos – bentching on shabbos – erev rosh chodesh

Berachos – bentching over a cup of wine

Berachos – hefsek after a beracha over a mitzva

Berachos – pizza and mezonos rolls – the inside story

Berachos – when to recite asher yatzar when washing for a meal

Calendar – the halachic international dateline

Fast days – 10th of Teves

Halacha – paskening for oneself

Kashrus – bishul akum

Kashrus – cooking your livers

Kashrus – forbidden foods and the nursing mother

Kashrus – pas yisroel

Krias Shema – reciting it in a clean place

Krias Shema – reciting it k’vasikin

Krias Shema al ha’mitah – sleep talking

Krias Shema k’vasikin

Lifnei Iveir – helping others do aveiros

Mayim Achronim – washing off melech sedomis

Mitzvos – non-Jews keeping Shabbos

Nedarim – is my fathers vow binding on me

Pesach – a very early bedikas chometz

Ribis – understanding the heter iska

Shabbos – spreading light of the shabbos candles

Shabbos – taking tzom kal on Shabbos

Shabbos – using trees bushes and reeds

Tefilah – davening for rain – Eretz Yisroel vs chutz laaretz

Tefilah – eating before mincha

Tefilin – wearing it on the right arm

Tekias Shofar – understanding the different types of blasts

Tzitizis – sweaters & frocks