.  .  .   ועתה  כתבו  לי  את  השירה  הזאת

Help Mosdos Ahavas Yehonoson write its own Sefer Torah !

Ever since it reached the decision to open its own beis medrash, Mosdos Ahavas Yehonoson has seen a tremendous amount of siyata di’shmaya at every step of the way.  From finding the perfect location to furnishing our new home with furniture and seforim, Hashem has smiled upon us time and time again!

By now, the kollel has moved into its spacious new home and the beis medrash has become an asset to the community.  A library of over 1,800 volumes of seforim in a brightly lit beis medrash in such a short time, far exceeded our expectations!  However, we still need one “sefer” that is fundamental to every shul & beis medrash;  a sefer Torah.

An expert sofer has been commissioned, and he will begin writing very soon, but we need your help to make this a reality!  Click on the tabs below to see the various dedication opportunities.

sefer torah dedication sign

  • $  26 –  1 letter in the sefer Torah

    $ 100 – 1 word (of at least 4 letters)

    $ 180 – Dedicate one of Hashem’s names.

    $ 500 – Dedicate any posuk of your choice.

  •                              זכות כל התורה כולה

    Dedicate the k’laf and atzei chayim.  This dedication includes a ticket to come join us for the hachnasas sefer Torah when it’s complete!

                                             $ 18,000

  • Dedicate YOUR bar mitzvah parsha for just $1,800

    You can dedicate the parsha of your bar mitzvah or any other parsha. A dedication plaque will be made as per your instructions & it will hang on the sefer Torah for the week that your parsha is read. This option can be divided into 18 monthly payments.  Contact us today to reserve your parsha while it’s still available!                 (347) 775 – 2278

  • Segulas Shiras HaYam

    One who recites the shiras ha’yam with joy is guaranteed a place in olam ha’ba.   Dedicate the entire shiras ha’yam  –   $ 10,000


    Aseres HaDibros

    Dedicate the Aseres HaDibros in parshas Yisro  –   $ 10,000

    Segulas Parshas Ha’Mahn

    Dedicate the Parsha of Parnasa – parshas ha’mahn   –   $ 8,000


    13 Midos HaRachamim  –   SPONSORED

    Dedicate the 13 attributes of mercy and surrounding pesukim  –   $ 5,000


    6 Yemei Bereishis

    Dedicate any one of the six days of Creation for $2,500

    Dedicate ALL six days and parshas va’yechulu  –   $ 12,000


    Birkas Kohanim

    Dedicate the pesukim of birkas kohanim  –   $ 3,600


    HaMalach Ha’Goel   –   SPONSORED

    Dedicate the pesukim of ‘Hamalach ha’goel’  –   $ 1,000


    The above dedications can be divided into 12 monthly payments.  Contact us today to reserve your parsha while it’s still available!                 (347) 775 – 2278